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By October 10, 2023No Comments

We are delighted to introduce Webhooks! 🪝
Keybin webhooks provide a way for applications to receive real-time information about events in the Keybin system. Instead of making an API request to pull data, Keybin pushes data to your application on an event occurring. This makes integrating and reacting to events in Keybin seamless and efficient.

Webhooks greatly improve server performance and user experience as you always have our latest stock and price! We hope Webhooks will soon become the industry standard and we would like to invite you to become part of the new standard today! 🤘

Setting Up Webhooks

  • Navigate to the Keybin dashboard.
  • Go to the “My account -> API Settings” section.
  • Click “New Webhook” to open the webhook configuration form.
  • Set your desired trigger events, e.g., listing/update.
  • Input your endpoint URL.
  • Input your secret key to sign your signature.
  • Save changes

Now it’s time to read our Webhook documentation and implement Webhooks.