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E-commerce plugins vote

By March 31, 2022September 18th, 2022No Comments

After the release of the open API that enabled purchases our next step is to look into e-commerce plugins.

We want to approach creating plugins a bit differently and we will do it thru partnered developers. If you are an e-commerce (WordPress, Shopify., Magento 2…) developer, and you have a plan to integrate it into your system please reach out to us. We will support partner integration financially or include our developers to speed things up. We believe this is the best case to release stable and well-tested plugins.

Now to the vote! Please let us know what e-commerce store are you using so we can put our focus in the right direction. Please fill all fields, we will use these fields only for purposes of this poll (email is just to verify that we are not getting spam votes).

Your first vote was WooCommerce. Check our official WP WooCommerce plugin.