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Keybin is a transparent privately held B2B marketplace by the company LEGIT d.o.o. located in Slovenia (Europe) at address Brnčičeva Ulica 13, 1231 Ljubljana Črnuče with VAT ID: SI52069869. All companies have to go thru the verification process before they can start selling or buying! Please read the FAQ for more information. We want to offer low fees, high protection of your stock, and prevent scams that are common in this industry. For any additional questions about these terms please reach out to [email protected].

For the marketplace to work we need Buyers and Sellers. When you make verification you get access to Buyer and Seller and accept these terms.

Accepting terms

  1. When you register and go thru the verification process you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Keep in mind that sometimes we can make a user account on your behalf. In this case, you accept these terms when sending all required documents to validate your company (represented by the user). If our terms of verification or there is a lack of documents that proves ownership of the company we reserve the right to refuse verification.
  2. Before you can enter the Keybin marketplace we have to activate your account. If we detect a suspicious account we reserve the right to deactivate or remove the account.
  3. We have the right to change and modify terms at any given time. All changes will be visible here (a changelog can be found at the end of this page). Before major changes affect fees, payouts, or other parts that are directly affecting your money flow or account we will notify you by email or visible notification after the next login to the marketplace.
  4. We have the right to hold your funds until resolved if we notice that digital products do not work or have been used. To resolve the situation we have the right to request extra proof of purchase or any other proof that validates your products. If products stop working after 90 days of being used this is out of our hands but we will do everything to resolve the situation.
  5. We have the right to disable, delete, and block users from accessing our marketplace if we notice strange behavior on our marketplace or from other users. Selling fake products will result in a permanent ban/disabling of the account without notice and freezing funds until the situation is resolved. Disabled/banned users will still receive funds but only for products that were not fake. Damage caused to the platform and other users will be fully covered by the disabled / banned user.
  6. There can be mistakes in product names, descriptions, and pictures. When you are adding stock you agree that this kind of mistake can be made and if you are not sure if you are adding stock to the right product you will contact support ([email protected]) to help you out and double-check.
  7. We have the right to stop the marketplace without any notice at any time if we notice a malfunction in the system. Our priority is that marketplace is running 24/7 but with the nature of the system and updates, we will have scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.
  8. Unapproved bots and scripts are not allowed and can result in disabling/banning the user’s account
  9. You agree to our privacy policy.

Fees, top-ups, and payout

  1. Fees are determined by users turnover or agreements made between Keybin and the user’s company.
  2. Users can top-up funds to an account thru Paypal, Bank Transfer, or Crypto (USDT). If you would like to top up thru other solutions like Bitcoin please contact us at [email protected].
  3. When uploading funds to Keybin users confirm all funds are coming from legitimate sources.
  4. Sellers agree that they will deliver purchases in time or refund if they can’t deliver. Buyers agree that they will pay for ordered products on time.
  5. Prices are calculated based on offers available on the marketplace and fees.
  6. When users’ funds are available for payout it can take 1-3 days after the request for us to process and 1-3 days for the bank to transfer funds.
  7. Depending on the agreement it can take up to 14 days (from when products are sold) for seller funds to be available (fraud protection) to withdraw.
  8. Fees are calculated and seen at checkout.
  9. Top-ups under 500 € may have an additional top-up fee that will be calculated case by case depending on the used top-up solution. If you want to calculate your fee please send us an email at [email protected].
  10. Withdrawals under 500 € will have an additional withdrawal fee

Visit the FEE tab to check current platform fees. We can change the fee without notice so we suggest you check the fee tab regularly.

Account and verification

Before you can access the Keybin marketplace you have to verify your company (click me). All instructions on how to create an account will be sent to your email. You can’t access the marketplace without verification as we want to deliver stock only from verified sellers with a good reputation and legitimate sources. When creating an account you are confirming that you and your company are not involved in any fraud, money laundering, terrorism financing, or any other financial scam that could harm the people.

Sellers’ and Buyers’ obligations

  1. When uploading stock double-check if you are adding stock to the right region. Games labeled as PL/ENG is not the same as GLOBA.
  2. When buying products please double-check that you are buying for the right region!
  3. Please be careful to upload or buy stock for the right marketplace (Steam, Origin, Epic games, Uplay…)
  4. Before placing an order please check prices and availability.
  5. When offering preorders you are obligated to deliver the promised quantity otherwise notify buyers at least 5 days before release.
  6. Upload only verified stock and avoid at any cost stock that has shady sources as your account will get deleted/banned.
  7. We as a marketplace can’t cancel orders. To cancel the order both parties have to agree.

Connecting with other merchants outside the marketplace using Keybin

Abusing our marketplace chat or other functions to connect with other merchants outside the Keybin marketplace by any means will result in an instant block/suspension from our marketplace.

Data and privacy

When verifying you agree to and accept our data collection and privacy policy. Provided documents that are provided thru registration will be stored in a safe place.


For all complaints (product not working, specific seller, marketplace, or would like to suggest something new) please our form here (click-me) or send an email to [email protected]. For simple cases, we usually need 1-2 days to resolve. If there are more people (sellers and buyers) involved it could take up to 7 days before we can make a verdict.