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Open API changelog

API documentation

1.3 @ 4.11.2022
– added max price support. Now you can send the max price you are ready to pay and orders will be complete if the price is the same or under the max price you sent.

1.2 @ 3.10.2022
– added categories and genres
– test products now have a status “test” and do not deduct the total amount from the balance

1.1 @ 11.07.2022
– fixed pagination resultset when using &embed_listings=true
– fixed invalid pagenumber resultset

1.0 @ 29.06.2022
– products endpoint sort listings by price ASC
– fetch orders by custom reference
– create order input validation fixes

WooCommerce changelog

WP plugin documentation

BETA 1.0 @ 5.10.2022
– added categories under the WooCommerce tab Categories
– added genres that are also added under WooCommerce tab Categories

BETA 1.0 @ 3.10.2022
– added attributes under the WooCommerce tab Attributes
– small bugfixes and improvements

BETA 1.0 @ 6.9.2022
– release date is now displayed in “human” form (example: 1.1.2022)

BETA 1.0 @ 5.9.2022
– changed Platform and Region endpoint for import to import “name”
– import code improvements

BETA 1.0 @ 4.9.2022
Sometimes some plugin settings were not saved

BETA 1.0 @ 26.8.2022
Initial beta release

Magento 2 changelog

Release date plan Q1 or Q2 2023

Opencart changelog

Release date plan Q1 or Q2 2023

Other changes

– Migrated to a new refunding process. Now there is much easy to track refunds on the platform and in the invoices
– Test products now have order status “test” and are not seen in the invoices

We have a new logo and refreshed design of the presentational page!

USDT and SEPA transactions under 500 € have now an additional 2,5 € fee!