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Bringing transparent fees to the market.

Our goal is to always be transparent on every transaction and to not charge any extra fee for withdrawing or depositing the money. Transferring with other methods that are not listed below is also possible. Please get in touch with us.

Platform fee

We adopted a low fee policy of 1% for sellers and 0,25% for buyers.

Bank transfer EU

SEPA EU: no fee, 1-3 day

Bank transfer VP70

Outside EU, 2-5 days
10 – 20 € fee charged by your bank


TOP-UP: 5,5 % (instant)

Withdrawal: 5 % (1-3 days)

Crypto (USDT)

USDT (crypto), 1 % fee,
1-24 hours

Credit Card

Only TOP-UP: 2.5 % fee (instant)

We highly recommend using a Bank transfer.
Transactions under 500 € have an additional 2,5 € fee!
PayPal has high fees and we don’t recommend it for transfers over 200 €.
Fees are always calculated and displayed on the checkout, withdrawal, or top-up screen! All fees are also visible on invoices.