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Keybin API integration.

The idea behind Keybin was to build a simple to use platform that connects sellers and buyers as well as offers exports to other platforms and systems.

Before you can create your API access token under your Keybin account, please get in touch via [email protected] as we need to approve your account to use our API. Only verified accounts can apply for API access.

You can also use our WooCommerce plugin or Opencart extension.

Buyers - get prices, stock and make purchases via API

API allows connecting to our platform product data and making purchases (check our API documentation). Our goal is to standardize the ID number for each product to be widely used by all platforms and merchants. You should use our product ID as your identifier (in physical products known as EAN or SKU). Our product ID number will never change and should always be used to recognize the product.

If creating orders manually on the platform, search products on Keybin via the product ID number to avoid mistakes. API that allowed exporting prices and current stock to .csv format was deprecated and is not available. Please use our current API to get stock and prices.

Sellers - update stock, price and enable purchases via API

Manually (upload file)
At the moment we are supporting CSV, or normal Excel files (.XLSX) to update available stock (can deliver stock) and price from the stock tab in our platform. Under tab Price and Stock on the Keybin platform simply upload your price lists to update the current listing information. If you would like to connect via API please get in touch via email [email protected].

API update prices, stock and enable purchases
If your API is supporting purchases please get in touch with us via [email protected] to proceed with the integration of your API into our system.