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We have collected information from our merchants and surfed the internet to compare our Keybin marketplace to the CodesWholesale (short CWS) platform which offers a similar solution. If you think we did something wrong and we should correct please reach out to [email protected]! Thank you.

Comparing platforms

Comparing platforms

Demo access

Keybin – Yes, you can simply register and enter the website without verification

CWS – No, verification needed

Approval time

Keybin – Up to 24 hours after required documents are uploaded.

CWS – Up to 3 weeks and a lengthy process of talking to a representative.

Platform fee’s

Keybin – 1% for sellers and 0,25% for buyers.

CWS – No publicly available information regarding the fees

Withdrawal and topup’s

Keybin – Funds are on hold for 14 days. Payment options: SEPA, PAYPAL, CRYPTO

CWS – Funds are on hold for 30 days. Payment options: SEPA, PAYPAL, CRYPTO


Keybin – Our invoices are a combination of buy and sell orders according to EU regulations and issued by an official EU registered company

CWS – Yes and no. Provided invoices are more of a transaction confirmation document and issued from a UAE-registered company.


Keybin – EU company from Slovenia and office in Ljubljana (capital of Slovenia)

CWS – No publicly available information on the official physical location


Keybin – Over 1500 verified B2B merchants with quality stock

CWS – No information regarding who is trading on the platform be it legal or illegal


Keybin – Import and export API with 99,9% uptime

CWS – Semi consistently working API, with frequent issues

E-commerce plugins

Keybin – WooCommerce is under development and Magento, and Shopify coming in 2022

CWS – Abandoned plugins that do not work and you will have to do heavy modifications


Keybin – Skype and Email. Response time within 24 hours

CWS – Skype and Email. Response time within 3 working days


Keybin – Over 10 000 products and over 25 000 offers

CWS – Over 10 000 products with over 30 000 offers

Website and API

Keybin – Very fast and responsive API with instant delivery (99% of orders are delivered within 5 minutes)

CWS – A slow and unresponsive website with occasional problems of keys delivered by API

Stock quality

Keybin – High-quality stock, with merchants facing severe punishments if breaking platform rules or providing faulty keys

CWS – Medium-quality stock, with a frequent and lengthy need for refunds